Robert Breedlove, founder of the “What is Money?” podcast, sits down with Brad Mills, host of the Magic Internet Money podcast, to thoroughly breakdown the Bitcoin fundamentals from both a philosophical and a technical standpoint. Starting off with the evolution of money, Breedlove and Mills discuss the desirable properties of money from first principles, followed by a brief history of historical phases of money throughout human history. Breedlove makes the case for Bitcoin as the best form of money we have seen in history, being efficiently portable through both time and space. He analyzes the properties that make a network effect robust and elements that make Bitcoin distinct from altcoins. Ultimately, Breedlove and Mills leave all crypto investors with an important message on overcoming tribalist notions about those who hold different views. Filmed on July 29, 2021.

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Robert Breedlove: Bitcoin, The Best iteration of Money Thus Far
The Interview – Crypto | Brad Mills & Robert Breedlove

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0:00 What is Money?
11:58 Altcoins Vs. Bitcoin
21:09 The Value of Decentralization
31:49 Network Effect Analysis
40:17 Crypto Investing Misconceptions
49:59 Transcending Crypto Tribalism
58:14 Inspirational Bitcoiners

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