Cathie Wood Bitcoin – We Are Going To See EXPLOSIVE GROWTH – Sept. 13, 2021
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This is going to explode – Cathie Wood

In this video, Cathie Wood explains why there will be an unprecedented explosion of five major platforms from 14 different technologies. Here is the summary of the video:

According to Cathie, we are on the threshold of an explosion in innovation, and crypto is symptomatic of it. The seeds for what is about to happen were planted during the years that ended with the tech and telecom bubble. Those seeds have been gestating for 20 to 25 years and are now beginning to explode into existence.

Cathie revealed that there are 5 major platforms and 14 different technologies that are all getting ready to explode. Also, there are going to be convergences among these technologies, so one is going to be feeding another to create explosive energy and growth.

In the crypto space, we’re going to see blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence converge and cause explosive reactions. So, it’s pretty exciting just to get back to investing in the future.

Cathie also revealed that the future of investing is investing in the future. She narrated how investors went through the tech and telecom busts and the economic meltdown and ended up with huge risk aversion in the markets and a tendency to invest very much like the broad-based indices. That is, not adding more values than the indices themselves.

According to Cathie, historically, the largest companies that are most heavily weighted in these indices are there because of their past success. She displayed a chart drawn by the director of Ark Invest, Brett Winton, to determine the impact of productivity on the combination of all these platforms.

The chart shows that the productivity uplift is going to be unprecedented. “We’ve had multiple platforms evolving at the same time only in the early 1900s. They were telephone, automobile, and electricity. And in that world, there was the technologically enabled innovation of the time that transformed our world completely,” Cathie said.

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Credit: Bankless (full unedited video)
Banks are SCARED | Cathie Wood, Chris Burniske, Yassine Elmandjra


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