Cathie Wood Insist On Bitcoin Price Prediction Of 500k
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Cathie Wood SALT New York Main Stage

In this video, Cathie Wood explains why there will be an unprecedented level of innovation in the next 5 to 10 years. She also discusses three sources of deflation. Here is the summary of the content:

Cathie Wood started Ark Invest in 2014 at age 54. Now at age 65, she is managing assets worth $85 billion. She shares her perspectives on global markets.

According to Carhie, what’s happening now in markets is confusing. For example, bond yields have dropped, against all expectations,to about 1.75 at the March peak of 3.0. Inflation expectations are also exploding. The reason for that is that we’re probably in a highly deflationary world.

There are three sources of deflation. One is very good, and it’s called technologically enabled innovation. Artificial Intelligence training costs are dropping by 68% per year. And when the cost drops significantly, the demand for the product picks up.

Artificial Intelligence is probably the biggest reason we’re seeing the convergences between and among technologies. So we’ve got the S curve feeding one another explosive energy.

There are two other sources of deflation. We have Disruptive Innovation, which is also called creative destruction. We’re going to see more creative destruction in the next 5 to 10 years than we’ve ever seen.

We have a law that teaches us about learning curves and cost declines. The law suggests we’re going to see incredible innovations in parts of the world. However, it’s going to mean tremendous destruction and others.

The third source of deflation is cyclical deflation. This started with lumber which was $111 in May and now $500. Car prices shot up by 60% as people decided to avoid mass transit last year. This has led to a chip shortage. The reason is partly that the world is going digital. Chips are the new commodities.

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Credit: SALT (Full Unedited Video)
SALT New York: Main Stage


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