Hey Altcoin Daily Team!
I am very excited to share with you guys an Electroneum PDF that is so new it is not even officially available on ETN’s website yet.

That’s the kind of value I provide on this channel. The most recent, most relevant, most need-to-know info on everything altcoin and everything cryptocurrency.

Here is the original PDF:

How did I get this?
I found it on another youtuber’s channel. Originally, Youtuber CryptoForThePeople got access to this leaked document. Realistically, Electroneum probably leaked it to him because he is a major ETN shill.
Anyways, he did a review, and although I’m sure he is a nice guy, it is sometimes hard for me get accurate information from him because I know he will never say anything critical about Electroneum.

So, I wanted to give you guys this info, and also give you my thoughts. In this video, I review the document and give you my overall opinion on the company.

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***Just opinions. Not Financial Advice.

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