European Council – EU NOT WORKING! Verhofstadt (BREXIT TALKS)

European Council – EU NOT WORKING! Verhofstadt (BREXIT TALKS)

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Is this the beginning of the end of the E U?
Verhofstadt has admittd that the EU is not working and makes plea for meeting about future.
GUY Verhofstadt has pleaded with the EU to urgently hold a conference to discuss the future of the Brussels bloc as he warns ”European values are beleaguered on all sides”.
The Chair of the Brexit Steering Group tweeted: ”Russia and Turkey, Hungary and Poland, Moria and Minsk. European values are beleaguered on all sides and the EU is late to act. The Conference on the Future of Europe is needed more than ever.

”What does the EU stand for and how do we stand stronger together?”
Mr Verhofstadt, an advocate for the federalization of the European Union, is referring to unrest and political crises across Europe.

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