We’ve got another barn-burner of an episode for you, as Ben Mezrich, New York Times best-selling author and screenwriter, gives us the inside scoop on his revolutionary project in which he’s tokenizing his next screenplay all about the world of NFTs and Web 3.0. Indeed, Ben is no stranger to the world of technology, as he authored both “The Accidental Billionaires” — which later became the film “The Social Network” — as well as “Bitcoin Billionaires,” where Ben first heard about the idea of NFTs from the Winklevoss twins. Only a few years later, Ben tells Raoul how he’s no longer a fly-on-the-wall author but is now the main character in his own story about how NFTs will upend the power dynamics of publishing and filmmaking and put content creators and their communities front and center. When you put two great storytellers like Raoul and Ben together, the result will always be magic. Enjoy!

For more information on Ben’s latest book, “The Midnight Ride,” please check out: https://www.grandcentralpublishing.com/titles/ben-mezrich/the-midnight-ride/9781538754634/

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How NFTs Are Going to Change the Book and Film Industries Forever
The Interview – Crypto | Raoul Pal & Ben Mezrich

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