Entrepreneurs, angel investing, and venture capital. This is a rapidly expanding and evolving part of our financial markets. For many entrepreneurs, this can seem like a complex and daunting landscape. For investors, navigating a wide array of opportunities can tax even the best-resourced operations. In this mini-series, Kevin Monserrat of Consilience Ventures asks, what’s next for the venture capital industry. He follows the start-up journey, first from the perspective of the entrepreneur, then the angel investor looking for early investment opportunities, and onto the VC funds looking to deploy larger levels of capital. In this first episode, Graham Hobson, an entrepreneur turned angel investor, focuses on the star-up. Discussing liquidity, the importance of networking, and ownership considerations, whilst maximizing support from investors during the initial stages of the start-up journey.

Consilience Ventures’ mission is to create a new asset class, by tokenising start up equity and funds, which reduces the risk of deep tech start up investment and aligns their global network of over 230 investors and experts to achieve a common goal.

Consilience Ventures is at the forefront of the future of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship and enables VC funds to maximize the value of their communities to become end-to-end startup accelerators in a few clicks.

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