How to get THICK THIGHS | Thick Thighs & Small Waist|Sprinters legs|| carmelita jeter body

Hey guys, so I get asked a lot about my legs, I was a track runner for many years! The exercises we did on the track and in the gym were very intense. Here is a modified version of how I was able to get my thick legs and maintained them years after stepping off of the track.
let me know if you want more exercises like these. Thank you so much, see you guys in my next video.


1×3 sets with 10-15 repetitions

1. warm-up
2. Forge jumps/ leaps
3. weighted walking lunges
4. weighted jump squats
5.body weight jump squats
6. weighted step ups
7. box jumps
8. box hops
9. Suicide sprints

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