INVESTING IN QUALITY COINS! …and other thoughts

Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Let’s get our heads in the right mindset! I know FujiCoin and MintCoin seem enticing because you can get a 10,000 for $15, but you guys gotta be smart investors here. Take a look at some CoinMarketCap historical market snapshots and see how easy it is for coins to fall off. With so many sh*t coins out now and so many scams yet to come its, there is gonna be a lot of suckers out there. Don’t be one of them!
Further, after making a smart investment, and when the market starts taking dives like this, you can rest assured that your coin’s companies are working hard making partnerships, writing code, and overall solving the problem that they intend to solve.
I like you guys. I wanna see you guys do well.

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**Just opinions. Not advice. Do your own research.