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In this interview, Raoul Pal shares the latest updates on crypto and markets in general. Here is the summary of the video:

The current week isn’t great for stocks and cryptos. S&P is down 3%; Dow 1.8%, and NASDAQ 1%. Bitcoin fell to $45,712, off about 1% on the day and 9% on the week, but up 5% on the month, and 340% up for the year.
Ethereum is up 3% for the day, but down 15% for the month, and 350% for the year to date. These are indicators of how volatile these markets are.

Most of the major cryptos are following previous price patterns. For example, Ethereum is following Bitcoin’s 2017 pattern while Bitcoin is following its 2013 pattern. Solana is also following Bitcoin’s pattern. Weirdly, they are all so similar to previous network effect phases. They are just in different phases, and this kind of correction is normal. At the end of the year, we expect the continuation of the upward trend.

We should expect Ethereum to have a 20% correction and rally again, similar to Bitcoin’s movement in 2017 after its corrective phase got near the high and initially failed before later moving higher.

In the capital markets, we’ve had a 7-month rally in the US equities. The US economy is slowing down. The Fed is going to taper into a slowdown and they will pivot. It will be weird to lighten. The rate of growth and balance sheet will go to zero, as they have been slowing down. Hence, we’ll have to expand the balance sheet.

The Citibank Economic Surprise Index will probably cross zero. It is now at negative 68. This means the economic indicators and data are coming out weaker than forecast. This shows people are overly enthusiastic about the rate of growth of the US economy. The chart of 10-year bond yields has gone nowhere for two months. Bond yields have been trading sideways at around 133 for a long time. Gold is not managing to do much, and the equity market has been moving higher.

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